Introduction to the Bible


Introduction to the Bible is the first subject in the Preliminary Theological Certificate, a course taught in dozens of countries around the world and developed by Moore Theological College, Sydney. You enrol directly through Moore College, and then attend weekly seminars at Holy Trinity for the 10 weeks of the course. Seminars are lead by theologically trained and qualified lecturers.

In this course you will receive an overview of the contents of the Bible, and detailed study of its various sections including the New and Old Testaments, the history of Israel, the four Gospels, the life and work of Jesus, the early church, and the New Testament letters. You will also study methods of interpreting the Bible, and how to read the Bible as a unified story. There is an optional exam at the end of the course.

The course runs over 10 Monday nights from July 18 at 17 Armstrong St, Wentworth Falls, from 7:30-9pm each night.

To sign up, register your interest here, and then enrol online. Detailed instructions for online enrolment are below. The most important options for enrolment are ensuring you sign up for the “PTC Award” and to select your subject as “Introduction to the Bible” for Term 3, with an exam date of “10-16 October”.

The seminars for this course run in parallel to your formal enrolment in the subject with Moore Theological Course. In order to obtain your course workbook and online access, you will need to sign up and pay $90 through the link above. This is the only cost of the course – the seminars are free.

Online Enrolment Instructions

1. Click on the following link: enrol online

2. Make sure to choose “PTC Award” as your course


3. Set yourself up as a new student unless you’ve done subjects with Moore College before.


4. Enter your contact details. Make sure you put your church as Holy Trinity Wentworth Falls, where the seminars will be held.


5. Enter your concession details, if appropriate.


6. Choose your subject – Introduction to the Bible in Term 3, set the type of exam as online, with the exam date as 10-16 October. You don’t need to do the exam, or do it online, but these choices are needed at present.


7. Fill in the details of your exam supervisor – the Senior Minister at Holy Trinity, Jon Guyer, at the church address: 17 Armstrong St, Wentworth Falls, 2178. Enter the phone number and email address as per the image below.


8. Complete your payment details and you’re all done! You should receive your workbook in the mail and you can start working through the material in preparation for the first seminar on July 18.

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