Past Series

The Road

The road to the cross is the final stretch of Luke's biography of Jesus. Many threads are drawn together and tied off as Jesus dies, rises, and ascends. In this final installment in our long-running series of Luke we'll be changed to take the road less travelled.

God at Work

How does the workplace fit into being a Christian? Is it an out-of-bounds secular space? Is it a battleground for evangelism? Does work have a dignity of its own? We address these questions over several weeks looking at key Bible passages and hearing from practitioners from IT, medicine, education, conservation, wellbeing, and even retirement!


The great failure of Bible-reading is to assume the Old Testament is a roll-call of role-models. In Judges we find the opposite: negative-images of what God values and requires in his people. But by seeing the outline of what's missing, we build up a picture of God's perfect Judge, and we prepare ourselves for Jesus.


The enigma of Jesus is seen in the way he tweaks common characters and concepts into bizarro versions that challenge our assumptions about life, faith, and goodness. A corrupt judge, a visionary blind man, a generous thief - they intrigue us into a deeper look at God's kingdom.

When Dreams Come True

Your dreams are usually either your nighttime visions or your ambitious daydreams. In the case of Joseph they were both. God had dreamed up a salvation for his people in Egypt with Joseph at the centre. In this series we consider the vast sovereignty of a God who directs dreams, nations and famines, and the delicate touch of a God who rescues prisoners and reconciles families.

A Good Death

Death is a reality all world-views, cultures and individuals must deal with eventually. Euthanasia has strong media interest, and unexpected deaths make the headlines. Yet we rarely talk about it ourselves, and many are unprepared for death when it comes. In this series we look at the meaning of life and death and suffering in the Bible, the arguments for euthanasia, and how a follower of Jesus is prepared to deal with death.

Luke Part 4

Jesus is a dynamic figure in the Bible - teaching and healing, debating and recruiting. He also calls his people to action, not just reflection. In the middle section of Luke we find Jesus asking people whether they fit the mould of someone hastening into the kingdom of God.

Pastoral Care

The Good Shepherd is the Good Pastor, who ensures the care and nourishment of the sheep, laying down his life in the process. In this series we examine the biblical basis for pastoral care, and how a church flourishes with good, godly, and gifted pastors in all its groups, congregations, and gatherings.


At key moments in the history of Israel, God's people paused to renew their covenant relationship with him. Entering the promised land, rediscovering the Law, refounding the temple - all these moments warranted a fresh vision of faithfulness. So at the turning of the year we gather to reflect and recommit, knowing that the covenant stands on God's faithfulness, not ours.

Real Peace!

Christians often see their job at Christmas as stereotype-busting – tearing down popular misconceptions of biblical ideas like joy, hope, and peace. Jesus did plenty of this himself, but in this series we’ll affirm the genuine longings for peace people experience in their world, their household, and their emotional life. But we take these longings to Jesus, the “Prince of Peace”, who can give a peace beyond even what we are looking for. Pop-culture peace is not a humbug, it’s just not the whole story.

1 Thessalonians

Ever wondered what will happen when Jesus returns? Or how to live the good life in the crazy world we live? In this series we look at the first letter to the Thessalonians. They were a new church whose members had started living for Jesus. And it turns out the key to living for Jesus in the 1st century is the same as the 21st century - wiating eagerly for Jesus to return.


The end. We see those underwhelming words on the screen and it's time to rise and exit. But when the end of the world comes, what are we expecting? Who are we expecting? And what assurance do we have that we'll be OK in the end? In this series we discover we're already living in the end-times, which helps us navigate the vivid and sometimes confusing images of Revelation with the perspective that whatever comes, God wins in the end.

Live Right

How much of faith is significant to life? On issues of justice or morality we see the significance, but tend to overlook the faith aspect of everyday activities. This series is about living an upright life, seeing the moral texture in everyday activities. Instead of dealing with hot-topics and grand moral failures, we deal with the everyday ethics of travelling, copying, and playing. For each activity we ask 6 simple questions to expand our moral imaginatation and redeem the spiritual significance of daily life.


Religion and politics are taboo conversations on their own, but in this series we bring them together. Is there a Christian version of politics? Should there be a wall between church and state? Does a Christian always obey their government? In this series we go back to the Bible and see God's purposes for church and state, and where they overlap.


For God's ancient people, all of life was impacted by their covenant with God: their celebrations, relationships, and even their hygiene. And while their practices were largely prepatory for the coming of Jesus, the comprehensiveness of their worldview is a challenge to modern ideas of religion where beliefs are so often at arm's length from real practice.

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